I, II ja IX group show

31.05.2019  Vanamõisa, Harjumaa

Estonian Society of English Bulldogs and Small Molossian type Dogs

Vanamõisa Vabaõhukeskus – Vabaõhukeskuse tee 20, Vanamõisa küla, Saue vald, Harjumaa 76407 

Group 1
Sava Ignjatovic, Serbia – australian cattledog, australian shepherd, collie smooth and rough, welsh corgi cardigan, welsh corgi pembroke

Helin Tenson, Finland – all other breeds in Group 1

Group 2
Alan Carter, United Kingdom – miniature schanutser, shar pei, affenpinscher, miniature pinscher
Sava Ignjatovic, Serbia – all other breeds in Group 2

Group 9
Alan Carter, United Kingdom – boston terrier, french bulldog, lhasa apso, shih tzu, tibetian spaniel, tibetian terrier, bichon frize, cavalier king charles spaniel, all chihuahuas, chinese crested dog, griffon bruxellois,
havanese, japanese chin, little lion dog, maltese, pappilion, pekingese, pug, russian toy
Helin Tenson, Finland – bolognese, cotton de tulear, griffon belge, petit brabancon, king charles spaniel
Sava Ignjatovic, Serbia – all other breeds in Group 9

This is drive-in show. So you can arrive about a hour before your breed judgment and leave after judgment, if your dog doesn’t participate in final competitions.

NB! Committee of the Show keeps the right to change the judge.


  • • INFO +372 5555 5138, +372 5392 1439
  • For ENTRY send us show entry, a copy of the registration certificate if dog is not in EST register and copy of the receipt to the entry form! Registration in to Champion Class only if Champion Title copy is added.
  • • In receipt explanation please write groupshow and participant dog(s) certificate number(s)!
  • All papers should arrive in same time and payment amount in accord the terms below.
  • e-mail: buldogshow@gmail.com
  • Post: Mäevana põik 9, Aespa alevik, Kohila vald, Estonia 79825
  • fax +372 640 8543
  • BANK: Inglise buldogide ja kääbusmolosside Eesti Tõuühing, SEB bank, IBAN: EE642200221035127546  SWIFT HABAEE2X  Please check that reciver name is correctly written. Otherwise the payment will not arrive!

• After sending entry you should get a confirmation letter in about a week! If you haven’t got pleace check has the letter been sent to correct aadress or write to us in buldogshow@gmail.com!

ENTRY until 10.05.2018

 10.11.18–15.02.19  16.02–31.03  01.04–10.05
NOT in Estonian register
Baby puppy and puppy 22 eur 22 eur 27 eur
Dog 33 eur 38 eur 48 eur
Dog in Estonian register
Baby puppy and puppy 17 eur 17 eur 22 eur
 Dog 28 eur 33 eur 43 eur
Veterans 8-10 years 15 eur 15 eur 20 eur
 Veterans over 10 years free free free
 Braces 7 eur 7 eur 9 eur
Breeders and progeny class free free free

IBKMTÜ members discount
– 2 euro if dogs are registered in same time.

All dogs participating the show or other competitions must have a valid certificate of vaccination against Distemper and Rabies. All dogs must have an ID-marking (tattoo or microchip). More information http://kennelliit.ee/en/vaccination-requirements/
Dogs whose date of birth is 1st August 2013 or later and whose ears have been cropped and/or tails docked may not take part in shows listed in the calendar of Estonian Kennel Union!